The Pro Sales department at Beau Photo carries a large inventory of both new and used photographic equipment to suit almost any photographer's need. We can supply anything from a complete studio setup to a blown fuse in a lighting pack. Not only do we offer competitive pricing, but we also back up our products with unparalleled support. If your equipment fails during the warranty period, we can supply you with an equivalent loaner so you can get your job done. Out of warranty? No problem. Our rental department is here to help you out.


Profoto is the choice for many professional photographers.  Profoto features very consistent light output and colour temperature, as well as an impressive selection of light modifiers to let you shape the light exactly the way you want it.
We stock the Profoto B1 off camera flash.
The B1 is has the power and light shaping abilities of a monohead, but the portability and functionality of an on camera flash. TTL and battery power in the shape and size of a small monohead, the B1 is compatible with both Canon and Nikon. Nikon shooters attach the Air Remote TTL-N to their camera’s hotshoe, Canon shooters the Air Remote TTL-C. Get wireless control and accurate exposures, and the ability to shape light using tools from the great selection of Profoto light modifiers, all in one unit. Profoto B1
Profoto B1 Profoto B1
Portable Power
And it fits in your camera bag!Jackrabbit

The Portable DC Jackrabbitpack™ II
The portable power and performance of the Dyna-Lite Jackrabbitpack™ II extends battery life and provides ultra fast recycle time for your “on camera” flash. A full line of high quality, durable cables allows for a quick and safe connection with Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Vivitar, Metz, NVS, Sunpak units, and more.

Or, for the ultimate in flexibility and portable power, use it with the Dyna-Lite UNI400JRg monolight for studio quality light on location.

Let's shed some light on the matter...
hensel monoheads
Hensel Integra Monoheads. Hensel has improved the design and features in their new Integra monoheads. Available with built in radio receivers in 500ws and 1000ws.

We are exclusive Western Canada dealers for Hensel lighting products. Hensel is a German company that makes monoheads, lighting systems and great 1200ws battery operated portable kits. We are also dealers for Profoto, Dynalite, Speedotron, Bowens and more.
Fantastic Plastic!
Expo Disc
holga cameraslomographic cameras
The White Balance Solution for Digital Cameras and Digital Video

  • Fine tune your color at point of capture
  • Works in mixed, or difficult lighting
  • Replaces your gray cards and white cards
  • Spend more time shooting and less on workflow
  • It’s convenient, fast and easy-to-use
Looking for something a
little less electronic?

Have a look at the Holga camera and our selection of Lomographic cameras!
We carry many other products as well. Call us if there
is something specific you are looking for.
pocket wizard
matthews studio equipment
We stock seamless paper from The BD Company. Savage seamless paper can be ordered, or let us match your favourite colour to a BD product.

Savage backdrops
We now stock muslin backdrops from -