Terms and Conditions
Please read carefully

Rental Rates:
• All listed rental rates are per day (24 hour period)
• Part days are billed at a full day rate, there are no half day rates.
• Weekly rate is 4 times the daily rate.
• Monthly rate is 12 times the daily rate.
Weekend rate is billed at a one day rate from noon Friday until 1PM Monday.
• Any equipment returned late will be charged a late fee equal to a one day charge for every day or part of a day the equipment is late.

Pick-up & Returns:
Equipment can be picked up and returned Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5pm. Reservations should be made in advance to ensure availability of equipment. Any equipment picked up early or returned late will be subject to an additional fee. Please note that cancellation of your reservation could result in a cancellation fee.

All Rentals require a deposit equivalent to the new replacement cost of the equipment to be left at the time of pick up, unless an account has been established with Beau Photo. Deposits can be made in form of cash, certified cheque, Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Please Note - we do not accept credit card numbers by phone. You must be here in person with a valid piece of ID and your own credit card in order to leave a deposit.  Call us to inquire about the possibility of filling in a credit card authorisation form if you are having equipment shipped or need to use a card belonging to someone else.

The renter is responsible for loss or damage to the equipment, due to negligence, theft, improper installation and/or operation of all rented equipment. Beau Photo reserves the right to request proof of adequate insurance coverage for equipment to be rented.
In the event of loss or damage to the equipment, the renter is liable for repairs required, to be done at the discretion of Beau Photo, or the full replacement value (including taxes) of the equipment. Additional charges for lost rental revenue may be applied.
Equipment needing extensive cleaning after being returned will incur cleaning charges (Minimum $35.00)
If the renter discovers any issues with the equipment, including equipment that is not working correctly or parts that are not compatible with each other, they are required to inform us immediately or we assume everything is in good order. Failure to contact us will result in the renter being charged the full price for the rental upon its return.

All rental equipment is checked to be in good operating condition when it leaves our premises and the renter is welcome to test it.
Equipment failures or problems that occur during the rental must be reported to us immediately to qualify for a reduced or waived rental charge.
Beau Photo does not guarantee or assume responsibility for the performance or results of the equipment, nor any accidents that occur during use. The renter acknowledges that Beau Photo has no specific knowledge of the renter's requirements and in selecting the equipment the renter has relied on his/her own judgment.

Digital Rentals:
All digital equipment is checked to be in good working order when it leaves the premises. Due to the varying configuration of each individual's computer and their level of knowledge of computers, Beau Photo is not responsible for incompatibilities that may occur which cause the equipment not to work. The renter will be charged the full rate for the rental unless, upon return of the equipment, it is found by the digital department to be malfunctioning.

Rental Equipment Delivery:
Beau Photo does not provide delivery or pick-up service for rental equipment. It is the renter's obligation to make the necessary shipping arrangements. All equipment being shipped will be billed from the time it leaves Beau Photo until the time it returns.
While the equipment is in transit, the renter assumes full responsibility for any loss or damage to the equipment, and Beau Photo requests that it is adequately insured.