Assistants in Vancouver
Producers / Stylists / Models are below

Rose Athena
(778) 239-5922
- Canon, Hasselblad, ARRI, RED
- Profoto, Broncolor, Briese, Joker, Kino
- 4 years assisting experience,
1 year as 2nd AC
- Capture One, Photoshop, DF Studio
- Fluent in Italian, Class 3 drivers license

Sven Boeker ph. 604.722.7836
Sean Frith 604.764.7872
Deanna Flinn 604-319-1094
Jay Delaney 604.874.5967
- all camera formats, DSLR, Phase, Hasselblad
- Profoto, Hensel, Speedo, Norman, studio and location.
- Graduate of Langara College's Professional Photo imaging Program
Wayne Hoecherl cel. 778.828.1625
10+ years of experience
Robin Hunt 604.767.4627
Experienced Photo Assistant and Digital Tech, 6+years.
Experience w mono/pack strobe lighting (Profoto, Dynalite, Speedotron), Kino Flo and available. Grip/C-stands/Backdrops/Etc.
Great digital workflow, experience w Capture One, Lightroom, Photoshop, Focus and Canon software.Canon/Hasselblad/Nikon.
Have valid passport and reliable SUV.
Benjamin Luk 604.649.5635
Roger Mahler 604.319.0494
Ehsan Mahdizadeh
cel. (604) 366-5511

Full knowledge of Canon; experienced with Nikon; own 5D MK II
Lighting: Profoto, Speedotron, Photogenic, Nikon and Canon Speedlights, studio and location lighting Software: Photoshop, Lightroom, Mac & PC, Wireless and wired tethering.

Knowledge and Experiences: Completed the Langara College Continuing Studies Photography Program.
Experience working with DDB and Langara College. Won a student award from Applied Art 2013 and featured in Canada Camera Magazine in 2014.
Print output experience Experienced underwater photography with capability of underwater lighting.

Valid driver's license.
Geoff Neufeldt ph. 604.788.9624
Tobyn Ross ph. 604.313.6688
Franziska Schrödinger
Camera: Digital and Film / 35mm to 4x5
Lighting: Profoto, Hensel, Broncolor, Elinchrom, Arri etc.
Digital: Mac & PC - Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom, Capture One
Other: Graduate of University of Applied Sciences, Munich (Photodesign); 4 years of assisting and shooting experience, I am well-organized and always on time. Aerial photography experience and free from giddiness. Able to work under pressure in and outdoors. Able to carry heavy equipment. Fluent in German.
Eric Thompson 778.882.1795
Mackenzie Walker 1-403-710-8563

I have many years experience working on a variety of photographic projects. I have worked in a team working on big shoots, but I also have been the jack of all trades assistant on smaller projects.

I have a car and valid Canadian passport.

Camera systems : Phase One, Hasselblad, Nikon, Canon, Fuji

Lighting systems : Profoto, Speedotron, Paul C. Buff, Dynalite , Kino Flo, De Sisti

Software : Photoshop, Capture One, Phocus, Lightroom

I am native on Mac OSX, and proficient on PC.

Ian Mawson First or second assistant.

Lighting - Equipment maintenance - Time management - Organising other assistants - Making tea - Setting up backdrops.
Camera systems familiarity : Hasselblad H4 .with phase 1 display - all Nikons and Canons - Fuji - Leica.
Lighting systems familiarity : Elinchrom - White Lightning - Photogenic Systems - Metz - all camera mounted flash systems and 1950 film lights
Software proficiencies : Photoshop - Light Room - Capture One
9 years experience. Education : Coventry University. I have also been trained by Dina Goldstein, Hanson Fong and Joe McNally.
Rate : Flexible.
Heather Mosher 604.341.3821
Assistant and camera op for photo and video shoots. Familiar with all kinds of digital and film cameras; strobe and continuous lighting; work on small or large commercial, editorial and documentary shoots. Video editor and writer behind-the-scenes.
Caitlyn Van Nice Phone # 1(604) 396 2438
Camera: Nikon, Canon.
Lighting systems: Profoto, Dynalite, Broncolor.
Digital software: Photoshop , Lightroom.
Attended digital photography program at Van Arts.
Valid bc drivers licence & passport.

Trevor Yee

ph. 1.888.823.9998   
cel 604.767.0804
Experienced Photo Assistant -10+ years
-Location scouting
-Set Building

 Assistants - please don't forget to give us any updated information and let us know that you are still an active assistant, we will remove people off the list that we don't hear from regularly.
Producers / Stylists / Models in Vancouver
Tesla Productions
Sara Tesla
Full service commercial photography and boutique film production company. Gallery, editorial, PSA's, catalogue, casting (street + agency), locations, crew hire, work permits.
O: 604.255.0837
C: 604.377.2306
Kathy Fung Roberts
ph. 604.831.9877

Sugar Studios Production

Full production services

Sugar Studios Production offers not only 2 photo rental studios, but full service commercial photography production as well. Advertising, editorial, celebrity, gallery, catalogue, casting, locations and booking local A-list crews.
O: 604.879.1635
C: 604.916.8439

THEY representation
Photographers, Hair, Makeup, Stylists
ph. 604.929.2959
Lizbell Agency
Models, Actors, Stylists
ph. 604.683.9696
Jeannie Lamb

#1203 - 1516 Davie Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6G 1V6
Mob: 604-880-7005
Fax: 604-682-1066

PRODUCER, EPKs', Print, Gallery, Editorial
PRODUCTION MANAGER, Commercials, Industrials, 2nd Unit
PRODUCTION COORDINATOR, Features, TV Movies, TV Series, 2nd Unit

Judy Inc.
Hair, Makeup, Styling, Creative Services
Suite 406 - 321 Railway Street
Vancouver, BC V6A 1A4


Beau Photo home
ph 604.734.7771