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Ilford Ultra Large Format Sheet Film Each year, Ilford does a special run of sheet film in large and unusual sizes including 3x4, 5x7, panoramic, 20x24 and many more.
** The order for this usually goes in once a year at the beginning of June.

This is a price list from a previous year to give you an idea of availability and pricig. The prices tend to increase a little each year so please contact us for a quote.

Ilford ULF sheet film example pricing and sizes
This years prices may be a little higher due to the exchange rate.

Film, Chemicals & Darkroom Paper

As pricing fluctuates quite frequently due to the value of the Canadian dollar, and with our new website under construction, please contact Nicole at film@beauphoto.com for accurate pricing on all Analogue items.

Lomo / Holga / Fuji Instax Cameras
We carry Lomographic Cameras & Accessories, Holga Cameras, Fuji Instax cameras, and more.

Inkjet Papers
We carry paper by Moab, Hahnemuhle,
Ilford Galerie, Epson, and more.

Any pricing found online may be from a cached copy of this site. All pricing is subject to change without notice.
Please give us a call or e-mail film@beauphoto.com for the latest pricing and availability!

New in Film

Film Washi.
Their flagship product is a handcrafted film emulsion on Japanese Kozo paper called Film W. It is most sensitive to blue and barely sensitive to green light making it something totally different than your usual run of the mill black and white film! Probably best used in more urban areas and less out in the forest. It is available in a variety of roll and sheet sizes. Beau Photo will carry 35mm , 120, and 4x5.We will also be carrying other Film Washi products, please email film@beauphoto.com for more details and pricing.