Learn to Develop Your Own B&W film

Sign up anytime for your individual 90 minute session right here at Beau and develop your own roll of film! You will take away your processed roll of film, a how-to guide covering everything you've just learned, and will get enough instruction that you can try it yoursellf at home.
Just $45!

Call or e-mail Nicole for details and to sign up.

Here are some great shots from our recent Impossible Project 8x10 workshops.

impossible 8x10

impossible project 8x10

Impossible Project

Impossible Project film's faster developing latest edition is available in a variety of different looks. Contact Nicole at film@beauphoto.com for details or come into the store and see everything Impossible we have to offer!

Rollei AGFA CR200

Perfect for Cross Processing!

If you are left wanting a little something different from your colour film, try cross processing. Ask Nicole in film for details on this technique.

Photo by Nicole using Rollei AGFA CR200 film

Arista Premium 400

Plastic camera fun.

Beau carries cameras that will suit your shooting style, budget and wardrobe if that is what you are looking for. Choose from Holga, Lomo, Diana, Fuji Instax, Polaroid and more.

Be creative with cameras that expose the world outside the box. Call or e-mail to find out what is in stock and find the camera that fits your style.

Lomography Sardina Cameras

Lomography Film

Lomography produces a line of interesting film in both black and white and colour, and in many formats. Worth trying for new creative effects.

We have stock on the Lomography 110 film in black and white and colour so revive those little pocket cameras you have in your drawer and give it a try.

Other Lomo films will be arriving soon, contact us if there is a specific film you are interested in and we can order it for you.